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The BRIDGE project constitutes part of my PhD research exploring public engagement technology for bioacoustic citizen science. I am part of the Rainbow Research Group (formerly the Graphics and Interaction Research Group) in the Department of Computer Science and Technology (formerly the Computer Laboratory) at the University of Cambridge.

My research focus lies in the domain of Human Computer Interaction, specifically exploring the role of mobile devices as interfaces for motivation in learning environments. Coming from an academic background in computer science and music, I am interested in the intersection between visual and audible representations of sound and how a combination of sensory inputs can assist in learning and how game mechanics can motivate engagement. In this research project, I focus on how novice users might be encouraged to learn about and engage with the songs of a variety of birds, found locally to Nidderdale AONB, which are of broader interest to The Wild Watch project.

I’m interested in understanding how users across varying age groups can acquire knowledge of local wildlife by exposure to games designed to motivate learning through play. Through my collaboration with The Wild Watch project have introduced hundreds of participants, who may have had little or no prior knowledge, to the sounds of the birds in their environment. I am interested in the various means by which users can be motivated to expand their knowledge and how mobile devices can provide an interface for learning and play both in and out of the classroom.