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Thus far two sets of games (2017, 2018 versions) have been trialled and are here available here in pre-release form for further testing and exploration and learning. A third version has been produced (2019 version), but not yet tested. The games are written for the Android mobile platform and target version 4.4 and above thus serving nearly all devices currently in use. The game packages contain nearly identical version of the games, however, the 2017 release introduces the player to a set of 10 species of interest within the Nidderdale AONB, whilst the 2018 version is targeted at only the owls found in the region. An additional dataset of ducks is linked as the 2019 version, these have not been tested in schools.

If downloading directly onto the target device you will likely need the latest version of the chrome browser. You may further require an APK Installer programme available from the Google Play Store. You will almost certainly need to have turned off Play Protect as described here and continue to follow the instructions outlined here.

If the above does not suffice to allow you to install the apk file directly onto your device, you may need to connect your device via USB to a computer. In order to proceed with this method, you will initially need to enable USB debugging of your device which requires that you enable developer mode as described here. The most consistent way to load an apk file onto your device from a computer is to use the desktop command line tool 'adb.' See here for instructions for loading the tool on your computer. Once available in the terminal, download the linked apk files below, connect your device via USB, and type 'adb -d install /path/to/downloaded.apk' at the terminal prompt.

Select a version to download:

Subsequent updates to these games will include a more complete version encompassing all of the owls present in the UK, rather than just those found within Nidderdale. Additionally, a previous version of the game, which encompasses the 10 target species associated with the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch is in the release pipeline as well.

References to the open source resources used in the games are listed here and here, please email for a list for the 2019 release.